Pedal The Plains 2014


Pedal the Plains (PTP) is a bike event in its third year here in Colorado, that takes riders on a 3 day tour of 3 small cities and the rolling prairie in between them on the eastern portion of the state. The 2014 event starts in Wiggins, will go the long way to Fort Morgan, and will end in the city of Sterling. 

I have a possibility to cover this event this year for the official PTP website and gain comped entry to the ride as well, which I can’t afford to do it otherwise. The catch is there are 6 other people who have this chance as well. We all have submitted an entry to PTP including a bike related photo for the internet to vote on via likes/comments on Facebook, Instagram or twitter votes via hashtag & @ Replies.

It is crunch time. I’m way behind now. The voting ends at 5pm MT Friday August 1. I need somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 votes in the next 30 some hours. So I’m making a big plea here. I’ve got enough internet friends to do this. I’m just hoping to get you to go click a button on facebook or instagram. I mean, I’m not even asking for money (This time. [And even then I don’t ever ask for money for myself {but I digress}])

Here’s the instructions, some easier than others:
: Like or comment on THIS PHOTO 
Instagram: Heart/like THIS PHOTO or regram it with “#HighPlains @PedalThePlains” 
Twitter: sample tweet you can copy and paste: “@PedalThePlains I vote for @MatthewPR_ for The 2014 Plain Pedaler #HighPlains” 

I promise I won’t be begging anything of you for a couple months. I’ll post this again a couple times between now and the end of voting tomorrow.

Thanks again for your time, tumblfriends.

Plain Pedaler Contest 2014 - Pedal The Plains | Facebook

I’m in a competition to cover the 2014 Pedal The Plains as a rider/blogger in September. I need some help to get there. So I’m asking my online friends for that help. I’m not asking for money this time. Just a mouse click. No big deal, right?

If you’re on facebook, can you go give the pic at the link above a like or a comment? If you’re on twitter, can you share the photo link with the tag #HighPlains and @PedalThePlains? If you can do both, that’d be awesome. 

I’m starting out way behind, but I’ve got a few days and plenty of people. I know I can get to there. 

Update: Also, if you’re on instagram, please go give the photo a like there as well: MatthewPR_ Plain Pedaler entry

Thanks friends. 

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The drama played out before us in professional sports has become grotesquely artificial, and the energy lost as a spectator sitting on a couch saps what really should be poured into participation in life’s adventures.

We call this chasing grins … the only rule that applies is to sit and spin with all your worries be damned. Start living the manual life today.

Gary J Boulanger 
Letter from the Editor: Bicycle Times Issue 30

I just found this inspirational for my current endeavors.  
I’m sure he wasn’t taking a jab at the Tour De France.

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Pedal The Plains Route Announced

Wiggins, Fort Morgan, and Sterling Colorado highlight the 2014 Pedal The Plains 3 Day Tour.

Imagine if you had to sell your bike


Imagine if you had to sell your bike…Please RT! #SupportBikeSisters


(Or, for the extra lucky folks, imagine if you had to sell ALL your bikes.) 


That’s the position that Kristin found herself in.

Thanks to overwhelming medical bills–a result of her ongoing fight against cancer–she had to sell her bike.  

For those of you who don’t know about her, she is the founder of Go there now and bookmark it. 

No, seriously. I’ll wait.  You can thank me later. 

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Someone asked where to get one of these. It took me hours and hours of googling for “SEAT POST BOTTLE OPENER” to find it, but DAMN I am glad I was able to find it. PHEW!