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Pedal The Plains Route Announced

Wiggins, Fort Morgan, and Sterling Colorado highlight the 2014 Pedal The Plains 3 Day Tour.

Imagine if you had to sell your bike


Imagine if you had to sell your bike…Please RT! #SupportBikeSisters


(Or, for the extra lucky folks, imagine if you had to sell ALL your bikes.) 


That’s the position that Kristin found herself in.

Thanks to overwhelming medical bills–a result of her ongoing fight against cancer–she had to sell her bike.  

For those of you who don’t know about her, she is the founder of Velohut.com. Go there now and bookmark it. 

No, seriously. I’ll wait.  You can thank me later. 

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Someone asked where to get one of these. It took me hours and hours of googling for “SEAT POST BOTTLE OPENER” to find it, but DAMN I am glad I was able to find it. PHEW!


FF-305-Studio-2 by fireflybicycles on Flickr.

This is one badass mixte!

More pics here!


Here’s a perfect demonstration of why front-loader cargo bikes are ideally suited for young passengers.  Mom can interact with the kids while they’re safe and secure in their seats.  The center of gravity is low and it’s easy to balance.  The kids can look around and enjoy the view.  It’s simple, safe, and meaningful.